Top 6 Hair Extension Safe Brushes You Must Have

Updated: Mar 24

Getting hair extensions installed is certainly not the final destination of your quest for a gorgeous mane. It’s only the beginning of an exciting journey!

Extensions may have helped you achieve that million-dollar look. But how long this look will last depends entirely on how well you take care of your hair.

hair extension brush

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  1. So, why else do you need a special brush for hair extensions?

  2. Why else are regular paddle brushes unsuitable for hair extensions?

  3. What is the best type of brush for hair extensions?

  4. The list of my 6 most recommended brushes for your hair extensions.

  5. How to brush your hair extensions?

Brushing is one of the most basic, but highly important procedures of your hair care routine, regardless of which extension method you opted for. That’s why it’s crucial to pick the right tool for the job.

So say goodbye to your old comb, and get the hair extension brush that will help you keep your locks looking beautiful longer.

The reason why your regular comb is not a brush suitable for extensions is that it may tug at the roots of your natural hair, severely damaging it in the process. This may in turn cause shedding, which is probably not quite the effect you were hoping to achieve.

But researching brushes is a tedious process, often involving trial and error (speaking from extensive personal experience here).

So to save you some time and money, I’ve compiled a quick list of the best hair-extension-safe brushes out on the market. These will help you maintain not just the picture-perfect style of your hair, but its overall state of health as well.


Just in case hair damage wasn’t a convincing enough argument, here are a few more reasons why you should ditch that old comb in favour of a special brush for extensions: