Which one of us doesn't enjoy some occasional grooming and pampering? Whether you are continually striving to improve your look, desire a drastic make-over or simply wish to treat yourself, it makes sense to take advantage of the highest-quality procedures the beauty industry has to offer.


Strong and thick hair is envisioned by many as an important element of their image. Yet, for a variety of reasons, far fewer have been blessed with a luscious mane of their own. If you happen to be one of the latter, you may wonder whether there is anything you can do to attain that flawless look which will turn heads and boost your confidence.


We have a solution! Fusion Hair Extensions may just be the key you were looking for.


Whether you are new to the world of extensions, or a connoisseur looking for an experienced hair extension technician, you will find the answers to all of your questions in our studio.


We take on projects of any complexity. The only condition is that your locks must reach at least 5 cm (2 inches) in length.



The Fusion Extension method is one of the most in-demand techniques in the modern beauty industry. Its popularity is due to the high durability, long wear and safe removal of extensions. 


At our studio, we use the fusion method invented in Italy. This technique involves keratin bonds, hand-crafted by our specialist for every client. Each extension strand is attached to your natural hair with the help of these keratin bonds and a special kind of pliers. These pliers are heated to the regular temperature of a flat iron, the sort you would use to straighten your hair; and extension strands are gently fused with your own. That is why this procedure is also known as the hot method; and it is one of the safest fitting techniques currently on the market.


We would like to note that just like the keratin bonds, each extension strand is manually prepared at our studio to fit the unique characteristics of your locks. The size of the strand we will use also varies depending on the structure of your hair. The strands come in three sizes: Standard, Micro and Nano.


What do they look like, you may ask. We have an answer to that. The standard size is the largest of the three. It resembles a grain of rice which does not exceed 2 mm in diameter. And the smallest option, the Nano-bond, barely reaches 1 mm.


Will the fitting procedure work with your haircut? It does not matter which type of haircut you sport. Be it layers or a blunt cut, we will distribute the top strands in a way that will blend seamlessly with your own hair.

Due to all these characteristics, our extension strands are very easy on the hair. You will barely feel them on your head, and may even forget that you underwent this highly-trendy beauty procedure! Although please make sure you do no forget about your maintenance sessions - they are crucial in ensuring the longest possible lifespan for your extensions, as well as the overall well-being of your natural hair.


Our secret in creating the best possible match for your hair colour-wise involves mixing two or more shades of extension hair. The resulting look will feel far more natural than simply using one single shade.


For extension tipping, we use the highest-grade Italian and American keratin. An elevated concentration of polymers in the composition of these keratin types ensures a stronger bond attachment. As a result, your extensions will not shed or slide off.


Still wondering how well will your hair conceal the extension bonds? No need to worry. The colour of keratin we use for tipping is customized to match the shade of your roots. This produces practically invisible bonds that will blend in perfectly with your natural locks.


In terms of hair, we mainly work with two distinct kinds, European and Russian Premium. These two types of hair differ in structure, density and shine. All hair used by us is natural and disinfected - no exceptions. We hand-pick and personally test all hair products to guarantee you the safest material of the highest quality.


Connoisseurs may be interested to learn that our studio offers a rare treat: the Virgin Russian extension hair. However, due to its rarity and high value, this sought-after gem is only available if you place an order in advance. This is the finest and softest type of hair which is neither dyed, nor processed in any way other than disinfection. Hence, this product boasts a lifespan of two years on average and may last even longer with proper care. It should therefore not come as a surprise that it is priced much higher than all the regular kinds of extensions usually offered on the market.


Did you know that you do not necessarily need to purchase a new package of extensions for every maintenance session? That's right. The materials used by us will last you from four and up to six sessions (in other words, from one to one-and-a-half years), depending on the shade, structure and your care.


The maintenance procedure is done in two stages. On the first day, we remove your extensions and manually re-tip them. On your second visit, we will reapply the re-tipped strands.


If you would like to remove your extensions, you will also be perfectly safe in our hands. For this operation, we use a special acetone-free remover which will not dry your hair. This remover contains hydrolyzed silk, glycerin and proteins. This compound deeply penetrates the cuticle of each hair strand, rendering your hair break-resistant. It moisturizes the places of bond attachment to your natural locks and makes them more flexible. Meanwhile, the silk proteins encapsulate the surface of each hair filament, creating a protective coating.


To remove one extension strand, the technician requires just one drop of remover and two delicate squeezes of the bond holding this strand. You will not experience any unpleasant sensations - only the feeling of a light head massage coupled with a faint floral aroma.


Any tangled locks will be unravelled so gently you will hardly feel a thing. We will carefully untwine all knots without as much as pulling a single strand. After all, our main goal is your comfort.




We calculate the cost of a new set of hair extensions for every client individually. The price will depend on two factors: the value of the materials (namely extension hair), and the service fee.

For an approximate price estimate, you may use the following table:

1. Materials*:

Length / Price



fusion hair extensions

45-55 cm / $500

60-70 cm / $600



fusion hair extensions

45-55 cm / $550

60-70 cm / $650


* The price indicated is per 100 grams of hair and may change according to the specific length and weight you require.


2. The service fee - $300.

The service includes custom extension tipping & assembly, and extension fitting.



This price includes removal, manual re-tipping and extension reapplication.



Procedure time: 2 hours. In case of severe tangling in the root area, more time may be needed. Every 30 minutes on top of the indicated procedure time cost $25.


If you are interested in determining the exact cost of your procedure of choice, we will be glad to help you in person at our studio.


Still hesitating? No need, as the first consultation is always FREE and with no obligations! 




At the end of the fitting procedure, we will instruct you on the best hair care practices at home. You will learn how to properly wash your hair, which hair care products to use and where to find them. You will be shown how to correctly apply the conditioner and receive a small gift - a special extension-friendly comb.


The brush has two layers of bristles made from two types of materials. The first layer is composed of short hog hair. It softens your locks and smooths out the cuticles. The second layer is made up of longer plastic bristles. They easily and painlessly comb the root area, detangling knots and pleasantly massaging your scalp.  


You may return to our studio within seven days after your fitting procedure if your new extensions cause any excessive unpleasant sensations. We will check the condition of your extensions, their bond attachments, and will work to eliminate any potential sources of your discomfort. 


We also offer a check-up between the procedures of fitting and maintenance/removal. Please note that this is different from a regular maintenance session. At a check-up, the hair artist will examine the state of your locks, comb your root area and give additional recommendations. The check-up is free of charge, all you need to do is book this appointment ahead of time

Looking forward to seeing you soon!

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