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Best Shampoo for Hair Extensions and Colored Hair

Updated: Mar 24, 2021

A shortcut to find the right shampoo for your hair

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Whenever you go for hair extensions, don’t forget that it’s not your real hair and it requires lots of maintenance and care. One of the most crucial ways to keep your hair extensions in good condition is by using the right products.

It is very important to buy items particularly formulated for colour treated hair, as they will keep the colour of extensions and your hair lasting long. Moreover, seek items that will nourish and add moisture to your hair. You must keep your hair extensions nourished and moisturized, as they don’t have the natural hydration source like your hair does. The appropriate hair items make the difference in whether your hair extensions will look their best, be manageable and soft or tangle.

Since hair extensions attach to your real hair, it is essential to utilize items that won’t interrupt the bond. Utilizing the best shampoo for hair extensions to wash them clearly will provide them with a longer life and make them look shiny and healthy.

What Shampoos You Should Avoid and Why?

Using the wrong shampoo may strip off the colour from your hair extensions in just a couple of washes. Most of the shampoos that give extra volume or deep clean will fade the colour. Washing coloured hair and extensions with volumizing shampoo may fade away the hair colour in no time. Clarifying shampoos are much stronger than traditional shampoos and these shampoos may get rid of everything in one fell swoop. So, you should be careful when using it on your dyed hair.

And here comes the next question.

What Ingredients Will Strip Off Colour From Your Hair Extensions?

1. Sulphates

Sulphates are chemical detergents. They are highly effective at removing oil and dirt. They are harsh on the scalp and hair and can strip away the natural moisture and hair colour from your hair extensions and colour treated hair. Moreover, they carry some hormone-disturbing agents alongside them.

2. Parabens

Parabens can supercharge the colour-stripping capacity of shampoos. Moreover, they are also xenoestrogens that can disrupt hormones and can even create a cancer risk.

3. Vitamin C

Vitamin C contains ascorbic acid which interacts with the dye molecules and destroys chemical bonds that attach the dye to the hair.

How Do Shampoos For Colored Hair Work?

Shampoos are made to clean away dirt and oil. Colour-protecting shampoos utilize a similar method, but also target to reduce the amount of dye that disappears. Colour-protecting shampoos generally have lower concentrations of cleansing substances. These formulas utilize special conditioning agents that cover the surface of your hair for preventing dye molecules from disappearing. Not just these shampoos preserve your hair colour but also cover up all damages by making hair feel seamless and soft.

5 Best Shampoos for Straight Hair Extensions

I did a little research and made a list of the 5 best shampoos for your straight hair extensions:

Key ingredients of this anti-aging moisturizing shampoo are proteins, minerals and pure caviar extract—rich in omega 3 fatty acids. This shampoo keeps colour on the hair and makes hair feel and look stronger. Moreover, it features UVB and UVA protection to safeguard hair from the harmful rays of the sun.

This hair extension cleansing formula restores moisture, safeguards against heat styling, and preserves colour. It leaves hair tangle-free, smooth and soft. Its key ingredient quinoa protein goes through hair for repairing damage, nourishing, and shielding against environmental exposure.

This colour-treated formula is inspired by orchid’s anti-fade properties to balance moisture; helps protect hair and its surface. It offers professional treatment for damaged hair. It strengthens hair alongside hydrating. It’s a Parabens-free shampoo that maintains hair shine, tone, and colour depth.

It’s a perfect shampoo for every hair type. Roucou oil is its key ingredient that is an idea; for maintaining voluminous, shiny, and soft hair. It features long-lasting perfume and antioxidant action.

This special tea tree shampoo gently washes away impurities. Amazing for all hair types, its key ingredients are lavender, peppermint, and natural tea tree oil leave hair smelling fresh and soothe the scalp. It’s a vegan and Parabens-free shampoo.

Best Shampoos for Curly Hair Extensions

Here are my top 3 shampoo choices for curly hair extensions:

This robust sulphate-free shampoo keeps your hair nourished, moisturized, and frizz-free. It gently cleanses and helps curly hair look more specified. Safe for coloured hair, this advanced formula of emollients (murumuru butter and shea butter) and ceramides repairs the hair cuticle and keeps its surface seamless.

Rich in avocado and olive oils, silk amino acids and hydrolyzed keratin, this beauty formula safeguards hair from UV damage, strengthens hair, helps repair, and comprises a robust combo of 10 anti-aging extracts that defend and shield.

This aromatic and luxurious beauty secret is made for softening, cleansing, and moisturizing hair extensions curly susceptible to dryness and frizz. Enriched with natural coconut oil extract, this shampoo features high levels of minerals and antioxidants. It gently washes your curls and makes them healthy, shiny, and restores their colour. It protects colour and shields the scalp from damaging chemicals like harsh salts, parabens, and sulphates.


I hope you found this article useful. Let me know what are your favourite shampoos in the comments.


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