16 Common Habits You Didn’t Know Damage Your Natural Hair Under Hair Extensions

Updated: Mar 14

How often have you heard that hair extensions ruin your natural locks? You may have even personally experienced hair damage which you have probably attributed to the extension installation.

But the harsh truth is that oftentimes, it is our own habits that are to blame for untimely shedding, strand breakage or weakened roots. Today I’d like to examine several common habits that are the most likely culprit behind your hair trouble if you’ve got extensions. Without further ado, let’s dig in.

habits that damage hair under hair extensions

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1. Massaging your scalp too hard

2. Making towel ‘turbans’

3. Vigorously towel-drying your roots

4. Combing wet hair and drying it on the brush

5. Sleeping with wet hair

6. Neglecting thermal protection when using hot tools

7. Straightening or curling your hair while it is wet

8. Using a regular brush on the root area

9. Not holding your hair extensions at the bond area when combing them

10. Making a ponytail or braid that’s too tight

11. Making a top knot bun too often

12. Fiddling with extension bonds

13. Sticking fingers into the strand supporting the hair extension, and pulling natural hair out of it

14. Letting someone pull your hair

15. Dyeing or bleaching the root area with hair extensions in

16. Perming or relaxing hair with extensions in