6 Essential Steps in Care for Your Hair Extensions

Updated: Apr 12

This article is covering all the basics of a proper hair extension care routine for all permanent hair extension types (fusion, tapes, nano-bad, micro-bead and bio extensions)

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1. How to brush hair extensions?

2. What is the best shampoo for hair extensions?

3. Which other hair care products are suitable for hair extensions?

4. How to wash hair extensions?

5. Can you style hair extensions with hot tools?

6. How to sleep with hair extensions In?

Regardless of whether you've been wearing hair extensions for years, or thinking about investing into them for the very first time, you may find this article useful. I've compiled a series of tips and advice for my clients on how to best care for hair extensions. The scope of this series is to educate beginners on the essential steps in proper hair extension care; as well as to broaden the knowledge of those with prior experience in these matters. Despite the commonly held opinion, it isn't that difficult to care for hair extensions. In fact, the procedure I’m about to describe differs very little from the routine followed by those who take meticulous and diligent care of their own natural hair. You may already be familiar with many of the steps I have outlined, though you may have been under the impression that most were unnecessary. But since you’ve made the decision to invest into a product as expensive as hair extensions, you might as well learn how to keep them looking great for as long as possible. Trust me, these simple rules are so easy to follow they’ll become second nature before you know it. An extra perk you may observe while practicing them is the gradual improvement of your natural hair. It will grow faster and recover from any damage quicker than it may have done before. And when you’ll see just how silky, smooth and lustrous it has become as a result of you following this guide, you’ll never want to give up this routine. Let’s start from the question I’m most frequently asked by the newbies:

1. How to Brush Hair Extensions?

In order to brush hair extensions safely and efficiently, you may need a special brush with two layers of fibers: nylon and boar bristles. A regular massage brush won’t do the trick. Its bristles are way too coarse and may pull on the extension bonds, potentially damaging them in the process. If your goal is to thoroughly comb the root area, avoid these at all cost! However, what you should most certainly NOT avoid is the procedure of brushing your roots. Infrequent brushing of the root area may lead to tangling of hair near the bonds, so it is crucial that you do not skip this step. I’ve written a post where I review various types of brushes, their uses and compatibility with hair extensions. The boar bristle brush is simply ideal for the task. It will help you get your hair extensions in order, while your scalp will enjoy an awesome massage!

  • When combing your hair, gently brush the ends of your extensions first, then work your way toward the bonds. Always brush in a downward motion.

  • Separate your hair in two sections at the nape. Brush each section from the nape to the tips, to better tackle the tangles in the root area.

  • Make sure you take a hold of your hair closer to the scalp, and by hair in this case I mean the section being brushed. This will help you avoid unnecessary pulling on your roots in case the ends have tangled.