All About Hair Extensions And Their Pros And Cons

Updated: Mar 14

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How many times have you wished you had long beach waves, like the ones we see celebrities flaunt on the red carpet? I bet you have lost count. Don't worry this has happened to many of us.

The secret to having long, beautiful cascading curls is extensions. Hair extensions are the solution to all of your hair problems. However, before anything else, you need to know that you are getting value for your money.

You do not want to be the laugh of the town when you wear bad hair extensions. Everything in life has its pros and cons, and so do extensions. Before digging deep, let’s look at what extensions are and what you need to know before making a purchase.

What are Hair Extensions?

Hair extensions are pieces of human or synthetic hair which are added on a client's head using various techniques. Some of these techniques include seamless applications such as: clips, fusion, bonding, braiding and weaving.

Many of these methods will need to be installed by a professional stylist. But for clip-ins you can install the extensions from the comfort of your home. When buying extensions, it is good that you have some knowledge about them.

For instance, human hair extensions can be styled using heat, but synthetic hair cannot stand the heat. Hence, it is not advisable to use flat iron or heat tools on them. Both synthetic and human hair can be styled. But human hair extensions are versatile when it comes to styling since you can include layers or redefined bangs.

Reasons for Getting Hair Extensions

Hair extensions are a popular practice among many women. Some of the reasons women wear extensions include:

  • Getting a natural look

  • Adding length and volume to hair

  • Easy to apply

  • Hide a bad hairdo