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Refer a friend

and you'll both get  $100  credit if your friend has her hair extensions and  $25  credit if she has her Hair Treatment done at our studio!


No maximum number of referrals 👉 earn unlimited store credits!

How to earn the credit?

Step 1: Share our info with your friend via one of the buttons below.

Step 2: Ask them to provide us with your contact info (name and phone number) when they come in for their appointment.

Step 3: Once your friend makes a payment for our services in full, you will both receive a credit to your account.


Referral program conditions:

  1. There is no maximum number of referrals. Both you and the referred person get $25/$100 in credit for a qualified referral.

  2. The referred person should be a new client at our studio and purchase a new set of extensions from us, or receive a hair treatment.

  3. The referral bonus will be credited to the studio accounts of both the referrer and the referred once the referred person has made a payment for our services in full.

  4. Both the referrer and the referred will receive a notification email once the referral bonus is credited to their accounts.

  5. The total amount of credits on the account, as well as the credit bonus history may be reviewed by logging in to the client’s account on our website.

  6. The credit earned is non-transferable, cannot be exchanged for cash, and can only be used towards services at our studio.

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