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Meet Veronika

Veronika is a professional hair extension artist with over three years of experience. Throughout her education in Ukraine and Canada, she has mastered six hair extension methods and earned international accreditation. She is a current member of the International Association of Hair Extension Technicians IBP.

keratin fusion hair extensions

The hair extension education Veronika completed in Canada served as a great starting point for her career. She acquired certifications in Fusion, Micro-Link and Nano-Link methods. However, soon, she realized that this was not enough to turn her vision into reality. Veronika's goal was to create top-quality custom-made extensions for her clients. She understood that to achieve this, she must aim to continually expand her skillset and upgrade her qualifications. Thus, her unquenchable thirst for improvement has led her to a specialized school in Ukraine.


It was there, among world-class professionals, that Veronika was introduced to such advanced techniques as micro and nano fusion extensions (the Italian hot method), as well as Bio (Royal) and Tape-in methods. But most importantly, she has gained expertise in custom extension tipping and assembly. Prior to this, she had only used factory-supplied extensions; but soon found that the use of such strands did not produce the results she desired. The standardized size and colour of factory-produced extensions made it nearly impossible to achieve the natural look Veronika was striving for. Yet the knowledge she has acquired among Ukrainian hair beauty gurus has paved the way to new possibilities.


Due to her perpetual growth as a professional, Veronika is able to provide a wide spectrum of continually improving services to her clients. To create the flawless look for you, Veronika will:

  • Pick real human hair for extensions with a texture to match yours, and test it for quality;

  • Pick the extension method that best suits your hair type, based on your specific hair structure and condition. Each case will be considered individually, and custom extension strands will be assembled manually by the artist.

  • Attain the closest possible match to the colour of your locks by blending several hair shades during assembly.

  • Safely execute the fitting procedure by correctly and evenly distributing the weight of extension strands over your natural hair.

  • Do complex maintenance for all extension methods, including hot fusion.

  • Safely remove hair extensions (of any complexity) without damaging your natural hair.


"After assembling the very first strands with my own two hands, I understood just how far ahead they are in terms of quality compared to the factory-produced extensions with pre-made bonds. I could feel this difference with my fingertips and realized that I will never work with factory material again.


Sure, this means that the procedure will become even more labour-intensive and time-consuming for me. But this is the only method flexible enough to ensure a unique approach to every client's situation."


Extension fitting is a meticulous task, indeed. It requires a great amount of assiduity and thoroughness. 


It so happens that these qualities are an intrinsic part of Veronika's nature. Ever since childhood, she has been drawn to activities that involve painstaking work. When she was twelve, she had picked up a pair of knitting-pins for the very first time. The world of knitting had captivated the girl to such a degree that over the next three years she was delighted to attend a local workshop, effortlessly generating elegant woollen designs. This hobby helped her develop the diligence and attention to detail necessary for her future career. 


After graduating from school, Veronika attended a medical college, where she underwent practical training. This experience has formed in her a particularly gentle and careful attitude towards other people and their well-being. The words "do no harm" have left a lasting imprint in Veronika's conscience for many years to come.


However, it was her own hair care that determined Veronika's eventual career choice. Her mane, by nature frizzy and unruly, has always required extra attention. With time, Veronika grew progressively more engrossed in this topic, trying and testing various products on a quest to improve the look and feel of her own locks. Eventually, she gained a reputation among her friends and acquaintances as the person to go to for advice and help with anything hair care related.


Thus, it was not long before Veronika came to the conclusion that hair care is her true vocation. Now, when she is a proud owner of her very own fully-functioning studio and has the pleasure of witnessing her clients' joy at the sight of their transformed hair, work for Veronika has become synonymous with bliss.


I love what I do. I have never been intimidated by the prospect of spending five or six hours on my feet while helping a client, as I am patient and perseverant.


I'll tell you more! Extension fitting is one of the things that takes me back to my childhood in a way. Whenever I am at work, I am engulfed by a delight akin to that which I had experienced when I knitted. I get a real thrill out of my job!


Veronika's greatest motivating factor is the desire to make her clients' dream self-image a reality. Her credo is that every woman deserves to be beautiful, and she strives to achieve this by using the safest, state-of-the-art techniques. 


Veronika's extension fitting produces a natural look with the help of hand-crafted bonds that are barely noticeable and do not damage the natural strands. Her every work is unique, as she takes an individual approach to each client.


It is important to note that the school Veronika has attended specializes in hair regeneration under hair extensions. Due to this training, Veronika is able to take on cases of any complexity. Some clients come to her studio for an image change, while others may have weak natural hair that breaks after reaching a certain length. Some may have damaged their hair with bleaching and perming. And someone else may have endured an illness and yearns for a transformation. It is crucial to handle each situation with due sensitivity, and Veronika has demonstrated, time and again, the capability to approach every case with a high level of professionalism and tact.


We all want to be beautiful, and like what we see in the mirror.

I help my clients make these wishes come true.


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