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Our Hair

- Is Natural Human Hair, ethically collected in Europe and Russia;

- Is Remy Hair with 100% healthy hair cuticles;

- Lasts a year or longer with proper care;

- Is straight, wavy or curly - we’ll select hair with texture that’ll match your own;

- Does not tangle or matte;

- Keeps its length, and does not break off like hair offered by cheaper brands;

- Is durable and flexible;

- May be styled with hot tools and dyed, just like your natural hair

About Us

Berenice’s Hair is a hair extension studio created in 2018 in Toronto by Veronika Akkerman, an extension technician and hair health enthusiast. We provide quality services based on state-of-the-art procedures that are safe even for the finest and most delicate locks.

Each extension strand is custom-crafted based on the unique characteristics of every client’s hair. The result is a very natural look that effectively eliminates aesthetic issues related to the appearance of hair. But our work will accomplish much more than simply improving your image. It will accentuate your unique personal charm and help you acquire a sense of inner harmony. 



We love bringing joy into this world and seeing our clients’ gleaming eyes when they take their first glance at their stunning new reflection. It is our creed that every woman deserves to have her beauty noticed by the world - and if you believe this, too, we would be glad to see you at our studio.

Learn more about our founder Veronika Akkerman

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about our hair extension services

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Custom-Crafted Bio Extensions

Wondering what Bio extensions are, or whether they’re right for you? Did you know that this is the safest extension method in the world? Learn more about its benefits and life span, and find out exactly what makes our custom-crafted Bio extensions so unique! This article covers everything (well, almost) that you wanted to know about this technique, including our price list, in one convenient place. ​

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Custom-Crafted Fusion Extensions

This article is filled to the brim with handy information about Fusion extensions. From the specifics of application to notes on removal and reusability; and, of course, some details on our custom-crafted extensions, assembled with your hair’s specific characteristics in mind! If you’re curious to know more, or would like to see the price list, be sure to check out this section.  ​

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Nano Ring Extensions

(also known as Nano-Bead extensions)

Do you have very soft, extra-fine hair? This innovative method may just be the thing for you! Check out this article for more information on Nano Ring extensions, such as their installation and removal, their health benefits for hair of all types, and the unbelievably small size of their bonds. And yes, we hand-craft strands for this method as well, so if you’re interested in finding out more, just follow the link.​

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